Forgetting: A Poem by Muhammad Nadeem
March 14, 2019
A a poem by Muhammad Nadeem about the tragic unfolding of time that brings about forgetting and is symbolic of life in Kashmir. The creative use of imagery places the reader in a series of moments, which can be compacted into one, to reflect on the larger questions of life and death.

there are open wounds in the soul
like a whirling galaxy
of bloody stars (in the summer sky)
kindling a crimson fire
but dark.
a wave:
cruel in its relentlessness
cloaking thoughts unspoken
in the dark spiritual evenings
with an eerie scent of death.
a whisper:
a mild punishment
for confusing
the beautiful fragments of life
as destructive impulses
of a melancholic laughter
on the bloodless lips
and the spells of tears
that would explode
frozen Jehlum
a wave of regret
a twinge of guilt
a burden of cold grief
for the ghosts of loneliness and sorrow:
happy and honest, and alone in the crowd
old age
and being forgotten.

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Muhammad Nadeem

Muhammad Nadeem is a reader and writes about what he reads. Among his writings are reviews, poetry and short stories. He also works with translation and criticism and has previously been published in Prachya Review Journal, Cafe Dissensus Magazine, KashmirLit Journal, Oracle Opinions, Greater Kashmir, Free Press Kashmir, Kashmir Reader, Kashmir Life, Kashmir Pen, Kashmir Vision among other reputed literary newspapers, magazines and journals. His reading interests are diverse and he has reviewed hundreds of books for literary magazines. He has been the Managing Editor of Captured Illusions Magazine and currently edits his own Monthly Print and Online Literary Magazine: Harmukh (