Nitasha Kaul, Associate Professor in International Relations and Politics at University of Westminster, speaks in the global media about India’s revocation of Articles 370 and 35A. For the sake of knowledge-sharing, we have included additional media and a visual bibliography of some of her extensive writings on Kashmir that further contextualize the current situation. All content items are embedded directly from their original sources. A more extensive and complete bibliography of Dr. Nitasha Kaul’s work is available via Dr. Kaul’s website:

Select Media Appearances About Revocation of Articles 370 and 35A

AJ+Solidarity with Kashmir? (24/8/19)

Al Jazeera – The Stream (How are Kashmiris coping under lockdown?)
Panel Discussion on Kashmir (14/8/19) 30 minutes duration

BBC NewsNight – Panel Discussion on Kashmir (7/8/19)

EuroNews – Kashmir Interview (6/8/19)

Additional Media Appearances

Al Jazeera – The Stream (India Elections 2019: What’s at stake for Kashmir?)
Panel discussion on Kashmir (23/4/19) 30 minutes duration

CGTN Live Interview – The Heat (India-Pakistan Tensions)
Panel discussion on Kashmir (5/3/19) 30 minutes duration

The Whole Truth with Shams Rehman: What options Kashmiris have now?

The Whole Truth with Shams Rehman: What options Kashmiris have now? Guest: Dr. Nitasha Kaul, Associate professor Westminster University, London. #JKTV The Voice of The Voiceless

Posted by Jammu Kashmir TV on Sunday, March 3, 2019

JKTV Live Interview -The Whole Truth
Detailed Interview on Kashmir (3/3/19) 45 minutes duration

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) News
Interview on Kashmir (1/3/19)

DD Kashir (Doordarshan Kashmir) – Good Morning J&K (with Mohammad Amin Bhat and Azhar Hajini)
One hour morning news and conversation programme between 8 and 9 am IST (6/1/17)

Islam Channel – Asia Wired (Episode 6) on The Kashmir Question – expert commentator (17/7/16).

Al Jazeera – on Head to Head Programme hosted by Mehdi Hasan. (25/12/15).
“Is Modi’s India flirting with fascism?”
Panelist responding to interview on Hindu Nationalism

Select Bibliography

Kaul, N. (2019) “Kashmir Is Under the Heel of India’s Colonialism”, Foreign Policy, 13 August.

Finding the Ways Forward on Kashmir

In February 2019, the CCC hosted an international workshop on majority nationalism in plurinational states. Over two days, participants presented their findings from a diverse range of countries. Over the coming weeks, we will share a series of blogs with these findings.

Kaul, N. (2019) “Finding the Ways Forward on Kashmir“, Centre on Constitutional Change (CCC) Blog Series, University of Edinburgh, 17 April.

Kaul, N. and Zia, A. (2018) (eds) “Knowing in our own ways“, Editorial Introduction to Journal Special issue (co-edited by N. Kaul and A. Zia) on “Women and Kashmir”, Review of Women’s Studies (RWS)/Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), Volume 53, Issue Number 47, 01 December, pp. 33-35.

Kaul, N. (2018) “India’s Obsession with Kashmir: Democracy, Gender, (Anti) Nationalism“, Feminist Review, Special Issue on Feminism, Protest and the Neoliberal State in India, Volume 119, Number 1, July, pp. 126-143. 

Kaul, N. (2017) “‘We want freedom’: Kashmir, a photo essay“, Cafe Dissensus, 15 August.

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Kaul, N. (2017) “Kashmir: The communalisation of a political dispute“, Al Jazeera Op-Ed, 26 July.

Kaul, N. (2016) “From Funerals to Freedom in Kashmir: undoing the Great Indian Democracy“, Open Democracy, 11 July.

Kaul, N (2016) “Kashmiri Pandits Are a Pawn in the Games of Hindutva Forces” (on communalism and the Kashmir issue),, 7 January. 

Kaul, N. (2015) “Stormy Days Ahead for the PDP-BJP Alliance of Opposites“, The Quint, 23 February.

Kaul, N. (2013) “The Idea of India and Kashmir“, Seminar (Indian monthly symposium since 1959), issue on “Eye on Kashmir”, March, Number 643, pp. 72-75.

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Kaul, N. (2013) “Everything I Cannot Tell You About The Women Of Kashmir“, in Fahad Shah (ed.) Of Occupation and Resistance: Writings from Kashmir, New Delhi: Westland and Traquebar Press, pp. 252-258, ISBN 978-93-83260-01-0. An earlier version online in The Kashmir Wallah, 7 December 2011.

Kaul, N. (2011) “On Loving and Losing Kashmir“, India International Centre (IIC) Quarterly, Special Issue on Kashmir, Winter-Spring. Co-published as a book in Ira Pande (ed.) A Tangled Web: Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi: Harper Collins India, pp 42-53, ISBN: 9350291541 / 9789350291542.

A more extensive and complete bibliography of Dr. Nitasha Kaul’s work is available via her website:

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