Ode to a Concrete Shoe Statue — A Poem by Dustin Pickering
January 25, 2020
Poet, writer and editor Dustin Pickering presents his poem "Ode to a Concrete Shoe Statue."

Ode to a Concrete Shoe Statue

Sitting is appealing
yet fixed and frozen
are the ways of delusion:
sit, in preponderance
as blissful as a solipsist,
canonized by a mere intention
to be:
this is a shoe never worn,
an invisible sadness cowering deep,
promising Stars empty threats
of retribution,
foot folded separately
like an impossible chair.

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Dustin Pickering

Dustin Pickering is a poet and freelancer residing in Houston, Texas, USA. He is founder of Transcendent Zero Press and founding editor at Harbinger Asylum. He is published in Huffington Post, Cafe Dissensus Everyday, The Punch magazine, and Journal of Liberty and International Affairs. His reviews can be found in Colorado Review and World Literature Today, among other online spaces. He has several poetry collections, a novella, and short story collection, and one fairy tale available on Amazon.