Full Documentary Link: Take it in Blood (2013, Rana Ghose)
May 10, 2020
On Mother's Day, here is Rana Ghose's "Take it in Blood" (2014), a documentary that follows Kashmiri rapper MC Kash (of GOAT status) as he enters the world of Parveena Ahangar, Founder of the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons and mother to Javaid Ahmed Ahangar, who at age 16 was "enforced disappeared between the night of the 17th of August and the early morning hours of August 18, 1990." 

UPDATE: The documentary has been taken offline by its creator, and a screening link can be requested directly from the director using the link below.

Synopsis: MC Kash is a 22-year-old rapper based in Srinagar, Kashmir. I resolved to myself to meet him as soon as I first heard his work. When we met two weeks later, I asked him to interview those affected by the Indian occupation. In reversing the role of author, he owned the narrative, giving me full access in turn. One woman in particular – the founder of the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons, Parvina Ahangar – moved him profoundly. The title of the film takes its name from a song he recorded over the course of production, inspired by their meeting. Take It In Blood focuses on the two of them getting to know each other via music and a shared journey of coming to grips with the reality of living in Indian occupied Kashmir, but through Roushan’s eyes, intellect, and voice.

Source: https://www.cultureunplugged.com/documentary/watch-online/play/52083/Take-It-In-Blood

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