Edward Said: The Idea of Empire (1993) — BBC Four Arena Series

May 17, 2020

In this special from BBC Four's Arena Series (first aired in 1993), Edward Said discusses his book "Culture and Imperialism" and "explains how the attitudes forged over the last 200 years continue to enforce the relationship between the west and the developing world." The TV special includes participation by Eqbal Ahmad and others. Video embedded for Fair Use.
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Knowledge is like Teher.
A handful of cooked rice
a humble offering
to ward off the grief
from an entire century.
Whosoever receives Teher
does so with blessings
and well wishes.
Today the T in Teher
is the T in Taaleem
just as the K in Kashmir
is the K in your name.
From Teōtīhuacān to Tral
we make a humble offering.