Kashmiri Rock Feature: Aalav — by Ramooz
June 7, 2020
Kashmir-based rock band Ramooz releases the music video for the first track from their upcoming album conceived and recorded during eight months of lockdown in Srinagar. The song “Aalav”, performed in Kashmiri, is infused with emotive lyricism matched by the evocative imagery of its music video. While some might engage with this music video from the frame of a “memoryscape”, its lyrical range and complex scenography ventures equally into the terrain of a “dreamscape”, where disjointed subtexts and multiple motifs point to a story outside of the frame and hidden deep within its contours. As such, “Aalav” (the call) is as evocative as memory and as elusive as dream, and not easily served to literalists. Video credits, relevant links and lyrics included.

Music Video: Aalav by Ramooz


Meerakii Music Presents Aalav by RAMOOZ

Composed, arranged and performed by: Ramooz
Santoor: Umer Majid
Nout: Faisal
Rabab: Shahid
Lyrics: Zeeshaan Nabi
Translated by: Amjad Majid
Recorded at: Meerakii Studio, Kashmir and Seven Point Studios, Delhi.
Mixed and Mastered by: Aditya Pruthi at Seven Point Studios, Delhi.
Written and Directed by: Mirum Quazi
Assistant Director: Muzzamil Rah
Cinematography: Gaurav Rathi
Editor: Raphael Martin
Make-up, costume: Meher Qadri, Numair Qadri, Tabeena Wani, Ehtisham Azhar.
Sponsored by: Funkar international, Meerakii Studio. 

Source: Ramooz YouTube Channel

kashmiri Lyrics (transliteration)

Baale thangyen, sheen chum pyevaan
Kus aalam, kyah wanai?

Wandich teer yeali, ragan chem valaan
Galaan chaen kanger tapith

Paigaam choun, hyeth aai Lidder
Czandaan mye chyekh boozum

Brandas bihith, osh chyekh haraan
Wosh chyekh travaan boozum

Aech maeczraevith, gaash yeli aam
Kyah Kyah wuchum, kyah wanai?

Poz tai apuz, soruy dazaan
Suur hai gaczaan, kyah wanai?

Bas akh kaemi hai roozum
Chaeni kaemi hai rozum
Lalnawun su, kati mye baniy?

Chaeni kaemi, Mouji!

Baale thangyen naar logum
Naar logum baale thangyen
Baale thangyen naar logum

Baale thangyen naar logum
(Baale thangygen)
Naar logum baale thangyen
(Naare thangyen)
Baale thangyen naar logum


[walith siyaesi takreer]

Lyrics (translation)

Over the peaks of my mountain, the snow pours
What world is this, what shall I say?

When the winter’s chill, wraps around my veins
The warmth of your kanger (firepot) melts its grip

The Lidder (river) arrives with your message
Looking for me you are, I heard

Sitting out on your porch, you’re losing tears
Letting out your sighs, I heard

With eyes opened, when my sight caught on
What all I saw, what can I tell you?

Truth and falsehood, it all burns
Turns to ash, what can I tell you?

Just one absence has remained
Your absence has remained
That cradling of yours, where can I seek it?

Your absence, O Mother!

My mountain peaks are set ablaze
Set ablaze are my mountain peaks
My mountain peaks are set ablaze

My mountain peaks are set ablaze
(Mountain peaks)
Set ablaze are my mountain peaks
(Burning peaks)
My mountain peaks are set ablaze

O Mother.

[undecipherable political speech]

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