Help Kashmir with Covid-19 Relief

Kashmir is struggling in its fight against the Coronavirus pandemic due to its poor healthcare infrastructure. The resources aren't enough to combat the rise in cases and the system in place is overwhelmed. Kashmir has just 59 beds per 100K population. The only two tertiary care hospitals in Kashmir are located in the capital city of Srinagar.
Kashmir-based non-profit Athrout Kashmir is on the ground and responding to the crisis. It is acquiring concentrators, therapeutics and oxygen cylinders while continuing its mission to get food and basic supplies to those in need.
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Gilles Deleuze on Animals, the Cheshire Cat, and Similar Events in Lewis Carroll — Never-Before Seen Interview as Tribute

Dec 8, 2020

In a never-before seen interview on video (that is more a tribute than anything else), late French philosopher Gilles Deleuze talks about animals, the Cheshire Cat and Lewis Carroll.

Video Credit: Theoretical Puppets

This video is a tribute, or can be seen as one. Whether in this world, in the world of puppetry, theatre and fiction, or whether in collective memory, knowledge, thinking and the world of ideas, Deleuze remains eternal in all of his avatars.

Check out more content from Theoretical Puppets, a YouTube channel dedicated to the "passion for puppets, social science and philosophy," bringing attention to these relevant fields in  unique and creative ways.

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“Remember, remember
13th of July,
Martyrs of Kashmir
and their sacrifice
who bore witness
with the crimson skies
Heroes of Kashmir
who paid the price.
Remember, remember
13th of July
Remember, remember
13th of July.”

—from: 13th of July, MC Kash