Documentary Premiere — CRES: ONE LIFE
February 26, 2021
In anticipation of the soon-to-be-released longform “Hip Hop Retrospective” piece commemorating the body of work that Cres has produced over the last two decades, Inverse Journal presents the premiere of Cres’ documentary entitled “CRES: ONE LIFE”—a film that gives an insight into this Hip Hop artist’s journey from his native Alicante (Spain) to the US, Latin America and the rest of the world. With Cres as a vessel and intermediary, the documentary uncovers a greater story of interconnectivity within various communities and diverse groups (within this genre), pointing to a larger world that the Hip Hop artist occupies and brings together throughout his musical trajectory, while at the same time sharing space with some of the most recognizable and underground artists, producers and industry creatives.

Message from the Artist and his Team

We have put our soul into this project, years of work and a tribute to our friend Alex F. Ghassan who lost his life when all this started. He is the main responsible for this project being devised. We dedicate it to him especially and to all the people who have made it possible. VITA PICTURA, eternally grateful for taking care of the project as you have done. Thanks also to all of you for following me on this journey. Much love!!

Description and synopsis


Carlos “Cres” Santiago is not the stereotype of the typical rapper. After setting aside his job as a medical visitor to pursue his dream, Cres moves from Alicante, Spain, to New York, where he meets Alex F. Ghassan, a talented video director who had been working with numerous artists but tragically passed away in 2016.

We follow Cres and some of his collaborations with well-known rappers in New York in early 2010. We get into the process of how some of his music videos have been made with some of the biggest artists in the American underground. We go even further, managing to understand the creative process that normally goes behind the cameras. The documentary shows the more human side of hip-hop and the philosophy of the creative process.

The documentary includes images recorded within the last 15 years between the two continents, and among others, it includes appearances by Arkano (Holder of a Guiness Record), R de Rumba (DJ of Violadores del Verso), Nach (Rapper and writer), Crystal Caines (Rapper and producer), Santiuve (Rapper and writer), etc…

Most of the images of Cres in the documentary were shot in 2017 when the Vita Pictura production team visited Alicante and its surroundings in Spain. As a result, and in a way, this visual piece is a time capsule of the musical atmosphere and moments lived in Spain and the United States in the last decade (2010-2020).

In 2017, Cres saw music as a reflection of freedom, which he exercised in his own way, while expressing himself in two languages ​​and dealing with the themes that are most important to him. As such, this is more than a documentary, and as mentioned previously, it is a time capsule of that particular time. Not only do we come to understand Cres’s perspective and views, but we also interview other artists from Spain and the USA who have collaborated with him previously. The time capsule that this documentary becomes shows viewers the manner and state in which music was made, performed and found, before everything changed.


Producer | Vita pictura

Director & Producer l Georgius Misjura
Originigal Idea l Alex F. Ghassan

Assistant Director l Roman Pototski
Director of Photography | Aleksei Kulikov
Color | Max kazmirevski
Animation design | Aleksei Kulikov, Dmitri Morjakin, Kaupo Kuusemäe
Video editor | Georgius misjura
Assistant Editors l Aivars Sesters, Anett Naruskberg, Kaupo Kuusemäe, Mihhail Tkats, Nikita Kurashov, Randel Pomber
Subtitles I Carlos Santiago
Sound editing and mixing l Dmitri Morjakin
Music l Cres (and collaborators)
Poster Design l Esko Brothers

Camera equipment l Elephant Studio & Vita Pictura
Lighting equipment l Vita Pictura

Photos courtesy of Alex F. Ghassan, Benjamin Michel, Natalie Pastakeda, Lenworth McIntosh “Joonbug”, Cres

Images used in the documentary l Alex F. Ghassan, Kapta, Checo, Alexander Escobar, Carlos Santiago (Cres), Gabriel Adderley, Iker López, Miguel Gluckstern, Lucas Sempere, Eduardo Martin, LPG prod., Rubén Corbacho, La Fábrica de Hielo (And if any escapes, please contact me [email protected], since there has been a lot of material and one can make mistakes).

Special thanks l Benjamin Michel, Ekaterina Nemtsova, Emilie Grandchamps, Elephant Studio, Isam Muhammad, Fil Vinokurov, Madlene India Sabin, Mihhail Tkats, Thomas Pizzinga, Richi Fernandez-corugedo Martinez

Artists found in the documentary | Ramon Ibanga, Jr. (! Llmind), Guillermo Rodríguez Godínez (Arkano), Albin, Carlos “Cres” Santiago, Crazy Mike, Crystal Caines, Daniel Saiz, Erick Purvis, Francisco Magro, G-sus, Ignacio Fornés Olmo (Nach) , Manuel González Rodríguez (Tote), R de Rumba (Rubén Cuevas García), Santiuve, Skyzoo, Toteking

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