Captain Fluf’ is a Rager? — A Poem by Bayed Mubarak

May 20, 2021

In a poem that invokes Edward Said's memorable words in the first verse, Bayed Mubarak surprisingly takes an altogether different direction in engaging with a language of simplicity and childhood. A bird, Captain Fluf', becomes a metaphor for innocence at a time when children have been killed with bombs that wouldn't spare pigeons or any other life form—all under the pretext of self-defense and counter-terrorism. The poem might not communicate such things overtly, but the type of anger that is born from unimaginable violence is a clear motif that draws the point home with sarcastic bitterness.

Captain Fluf’ is a Rager?


the question of Palestine is therefore...
occupation, occupation! 
it sobered up Fluf’ real quick.

cluck cluck buck buck
no one really heard him.

Fluf’ is a little fellow and he can’t fly.
you bombed him as well?

wearied and sluggish
he tiptoed through the rubble

al jazeera, association press, 
etcetera, etcetera, 

he tiptoed through it all.
more rubble, more rubble.

tip toe tip toe

petrified and spooked,
Fluf’ found his way to safety.

cluck buck buck cluck

the question of Palestine is therefore...
occupation, occupation! 

but, but Captain Fluf’ is a fuckin’ rager.

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About the Contributor

Bayed Mubarak is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in English. From time to time, he like to read and write poetry, stories and indulges in a little bit of music criticism.