Nazi Hunters — The Complete Season 1 — Eight Episodes (Cineflix, 2011)
August 6, 2021
In a series of “real-life detective stories,” the eight episodes of “Nazi Hunters” relies on archival material and expert perspectives to present the capture of Nazi fugitives responsible for the genocide of millions of people (most of whom were Jews). The series brings to the screen the missions of “a select band of secret agents and avengers” who “hunted down some of the most evil men in history…and finally brought them to justice” after the end of World War II.

All content sourced from the Nazi Hunters YouTube Channel via Fair Use

Episode 1: Herbert Cukurs

Herbert Cukurs is an officer in the Latvian Air Force and his country’s most celebrated pilot. But after the Nazi invasion, he earns the nickname The Hangman of Riga after joining forces with the fascists, and is responsible for the extermination of 30,000 Latvian Jews. Twenty years later, Cukurs is living quietly in Sao Paolo, Brazil. That is, until the Nazi-hunting unit of the Israeli secret service tracks him down. Will their master plan ensnare the greedy and paranoid Cukurs? And can a cunning spy kill Cukurs before Cukurs sees through his disguise?

Episode 2: Adolf Eichman

By 1960, one of the world’s most notorious Nazi war criminals, Adolf Eichmann, is living incognito on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Known as the architect of Hitler’s final solution and directly culpable for the murder of six million Jews, the methodical killer and former Lieutenant Colonel of the SS is now himself a hunted man. Can the Israeli secret service track him down and bring him to justice?

Episode 3: Klaus Barbie

As the Gestapo chief in Lyon, Klaus Barbie has the blood of 10,000 French Jews on his hands. But rather than being imprisoned after the war, he’s instead hired by the CIA as an anti-communist agent, and eventually escapes to Latin America where he lives undetected for decades. That is, until Beate Klarsfeld, a middle-class German housewife vows to track him down. Together with her husband, can she bring the man known as the Butcher of Lyon to justice?

Episode 4: Erich Priebke

As one of the highest-ranking Gestapo officers in Rome during the war, Erich Priebke is responsible for one of Italy’s worst atrocities. He later escapes to Argentina where he eludes justice for fifty years. That is, until a high-profile team of American TV journalists stumbles onto his trail. They find Priebke in a German-speaking alpine resort town in the Andes. But can they capture him on camera? And will a mass murderer be brought to justice?

Episode 5: Joseph Mengele

Arguably the most notorious Nazi fugitive of all, Dr. Joseph Mengele earned the nickname the “Angel of Death” for his perverse and sadistic experiments at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  After the war, Mengele escaped to Buenos Aires where he lived the high life on the run.  That is, until 1959 when the West German government indicted him for mass murder and demanded his extradition.  Israeli Mossad agents also had him in their sights.  But it would take nearly thirty years to track down the infamous Dr. Mengele.

Episode 6: Kurt Lischka

As the Gestapo Chief in Paris, Kurt Lischka orders the largest mass arrest in French history and is responsible for the murder of 33,000 Jews.  But instead of being tried for his crimes, Lischka enjoys a quiet life and successful career after the war thanks to a legal loophole protecting Nazis like him from prosecution.  Serge and Beate Klarsfeld are determined to bring him to justice.  But can they get a reluctant Germany to face up to its past?

Episode 7: Paul Touvier

One of France’s worst wartime villains, Paul Touvier is an overtly anti-Semitic traitor who terrorizes his own countrymen. As the leader of a pro-Nazi paramilitary police force, he relishes his job of hunting down “enemies of the state” and, murdering Jews and resistance fighters alike, earns himself the nickname the “Hangman of Lyon”.  After the war, Touvier turns to the Catholic Church for help.  And after 40 years in hiding, a French investigator is determined to hunt him down.

Episode 8: Gustav Wagner/Franz Strangl

As the Nazi officer in charge of three Polish extermination camps, Franz Stangl is responsible for the murder of 800,000 people. After the war, Stangl leads a comfortable existence in Brazilian exile. That is until Simon Wiesenthal, the world’s most famous Nazi hunter, receives an anonymous tip about Stangl’s whereabouts. With help from Brazilian authorities and an extradition request from West Germany, Stangl is arrested in 1967. And, thanks to Stangl’s surprising admission, Wiesenthal sets out to capture another Nazi war criminal, the “BeastÍ of Sobibor”, Gustav Wagner.

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