Being There — A Poem by Mubashir Karim
January 27, 2022
As the first month of this year comes to a close, we publish a poem by Mubashir Karim about the year that went by. Such verses are rooted in hope that is grounded and poised.

Being There

Mubashir Karim

As the year went by
excited to reach
the end of the year—
I too—
with (almost) everything
within my reach
(except Time)
found the festive fair within me
but the child lost—
within the maddening crowd—
weeping, talking, reading, texting,
teaching, watching, proving, arguing…

This year
I hope,
I could just
Just be.

Like a tree
Hung with a hoarding
Nothing of any use
But essential

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About the Contributor

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Mubashir Karim

Mubashir Karim was born in Srinagar, Kashmir and completed his Masters in English from the University of Kashmir. He went on to pursue his M.Phil and PhD from Jamia University. Mubashir is currently working as an assistant professor in the Higher Education Department, Jammu & Kashmir. His work has been published in the Transnational Literature Journal, Café Dissensus and Muse India, among many others. He is a regular blogger at