Gaekhir Republik: A Band Singing the Blues in Kashmir — A Short Documentary by NewsClick
March 12, 2022
Summary by NewsClick (via CC): With some intense songs about sorrow and prayer, the band Gaekhir Republik (GR) is one of the few bands that sing about the complexities of life and death in Jammu and Kashmir. Between hopelessness and violence, musicians find it hard to celebrate their art. But many like the GR are making a mark through their lyrical compositions which articulate the themes of struggle, mystery and twilight in the valley. All media embedded directly from source via Creative Commons.

Strings of Sentiment

A Short Documentary by NewsClick

Producers: Anees Zargar, Kamran Yousuf
Camera: Kamran Yousuf
Editor: Pratik Purkayastha, Nooruddin
Voice Over: Swastika Mehta

Khuaftan Baange song shot by Rayees Amin (Roomi Studios)
Song Translations by Nissa B

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