Opinion: New Land Laws Put All of Kashmir up for Sale — by Muzamil Jaleel

2 days ago
Muzamil Jaleel

In this opinion piece featured in our Acquaintance section, Muzamil Jaleel argues that the October 26 order repealing and amending a series of J&K laws rolls back over 70 years of reforms that previously empowered the region’s Muslim majority. Read More

Clean Slate: New “Elected” District Councils Will End Politics in Kashmir — by Muzamil Jaleel

In this opinion piece featured in our Acquaintance section, Muzamil Jaleel provides perspective on a new layer of 'elected' bodies as part of the Sangh Parivar's plan to create a new pro-India political structure in Kashmir that does not indulge in any politics, or even rhetoric. Read More

7 days ago

The Subalternist Turn in Latin American Postcolonial Studies, or, Thinking in the Wake of What Went Down Yesterday (November 8, 2016) — by Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams evaluates the "subalternist turn" in Latin American postcolonial studies by seeing it through three of its variants. This paper is essential reading for those, particularly in South Asia and elsewhere, seeking to familiarize themselves with Latin American postcolonial and subaltern studies. It includes a comprehensive bibliography and key… Read More

7 days ago

Savage Warfare: Violence and the Rule of Colonial Difference in Early British Counterinsurgency — by Kim A Wagner

ABSTRACT: Even as a growing body of literature has in recent years revealed the ubiquity of racialized violence within Western colonies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, another historical narrative remains insistent that the British Empire constituted a notable exception to the rule. This nostalgic narrative of a uniquely… Read More

2 weeks ago

Verses of Dissent and Discontent — Three Poems by Mubashir Karim

Mubashir Karim presents three poems of dissent and discontent placed within the long trajectory of resistance poetry that marks contemporary poetic expression in Kashmir. The three poems are linked by the themes of discontent and disillusionment and fueled by a cynicism, sarcasm and an apprehension that have become customary to… Read More

2 weeks ago

Modern Family: The Transformation of the Family Photograph in Qajar Iran — by Staci Gem Scheiwiller

Staci Gem Scheiwiller explores the path of transformation that defines the Qajar family photograph, tracings its roots to Qajar painting and to the earliest examples of photography in Qajar Iran (circa 1839). Republished here from the Trans Asia Photography Review (Volume 9, Issue 1), via CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0. Read More

3 weeks ago

Film Commentary: On Axone — by Enatoli Sema

"The intent for writing this piece arose from a desire to note a historic event for the people from the Northeast," writes Enatoli Sema in her commentary on "Axone," a film she considers a "critical piece of art." In response to the film and what it inspired in the writer,… Read More

4 weeks ago

The 'Not-So-Secret' Life of My Long Hair – A Personal Account by Shahid Shabeer

Shahid Shabeer shares his experience of roaming around his native Kashmir while styling long hair, a feature that over time has become synonymous with Kashmir’s militants. He describes the state profiling he was subjected to, and the manner in which his family and community members responded to styling his hair… Read More

4 weeks ago

Between the Personal and the Political — Two Art Projects by Akshay Sethi

In Akshay Sethi’s artistic oeuvre, the artwork can become a site of excavation, revelation and disambiguation, bringing forth visuals of that which otherwise remains undermined, ignored, unnoticed and relegated to a process of continued invisibilization—one that exists at the core of the everyday and the quotidian. Here the Delhi-based emerging… Read More

1 month ago

That Home in Our Heart: An Allegory of a Struggle Against Forgetting in Kashmir — by Muzamil Jaleel

Muzamil Jaleel brings us a long-awaited allegorical account of August 5, 2019, the day Jammu and Kashmir was dismembered and its last protection against complete demographic change was snatched away, while people remained caged and silenced for months. The senior journalist, editor and writer employs allegory to refer to those… Read More

3 months ago