Maknoon Wani

Maknoon Wani

I am a final year student at Delhi School of Journalism, University of Delhi. I did my high school from Jamia Millia Islamia. My interests include national and international politics, psychology and social research. I also run — an online repository of scientific and social research undertaken by Kashmiris. I recently created — a 2G optimized online educational resource for the students of Jammu and Kashmir.
Naya Kashmir is a Century Old — by Maknoon Wani

Naya Kashmir is a Century Old — by Maknoon Wani

Maknoon Wani’s article deconstructs the use of “Naya Kashmir” rhetoric by the current dispensation. It starts by briefly explaining the origins of the term and then gives a brief account of what happened after the scrapping of Article 370. Towards the end of this piece in our Acquaintance section, Wani points towards the irony of using this term — which signified a relatively progressive agenda back then — to “whitewash the unprecedented lockdown” that has brought everything to a standstill. Wani finally explains in his analysis how the current administration is “a revamp of the Dogra rule—a monarchical setup that reduces the indigenous Kashmiris to disempowered subjects.” Covering events in the media for last month, this piece is backdated to April 23.

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Knowledge is like Teher.
A handful of cooked rice
a humble offering
to ward off the grief
from an entire century.
Whosoever receives Teher
does so with blessings
and well wishes.
Today the T in Teher
is the T in Taaleem
just as the K in Kashmir
is the K in your name.
From Teōtīhuacān to Tral
we make a humble offering.