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Kashmir Meet After Two Years of Ruin: A Reckoning or a New Tack? — by Muzamil Jaleel

In this timely piece (featured in our opinions and perspectives section), Muzamil Jaleel poses and evaluates two essential questions: Is… Read More

4 weeks ago

Social Media and Commodifying Empathy in the Covid-era — by Dr. Amrita Ghosh

This article traces various social media expressions during the ongoing pandemic and asks the overarching question: how should one understand,… Read More

1 month ago

Seven Times Parveena Ahangar Spoke About Being a Mother Looking for Her Son

On August 18th of 1990, at 2 a.m., Parveena Ahangar’s 17-year-old son Javaid Ahmed was taken by a specialized counter-insurgency… Read More

3 months ago

Medical oxygen should not be a luxury – we’re trying to develop a cheaper way to produce it — by David Fairen-Jimenez (University of Cambridge)

David Fairen-Jimenez is a Reader at the University of Cambridge and Director at Immaterial. Here he explains the process of… Read More

3 months ago

Freedom Through Untouchability: A Letter to Kashmiris — by Murad Saleem

A deeply embedded sense of existential threat has surrounded Kashmiris from multiple directions, materializing in varying challenges and struggles throughout… Read More

6 months ago

Perspective: Is India’s New Policy on Media in Kashmir Vicious? — by Shahnaz Bashir

In this opinion piece Shahnaz Bashir evaluates the potential consequences and repercussions of the 53-page “New Media Policy” set to… Read More

6 months ago

I'm a Kashmiri. This Is What I Thought When Kanhaiya Said Kashmir Is Integral to India — by Ather Zia

In a piece originally published by Huffington Post India (25/03/2016), Professor Ather Zia problematizes Kanhaiya Kumar's statement on Kashmir as… Read More

7 months ago

Fight for Your Right: A Young Student’s Illustrated Project on #MeToo — by Sushila Sahay

Sushila Sahay was 15 years old when, at the peak of a worldwide debate, she decided to raise awareness about… Read More

8 months ago

Of Cultural Misappropriation: A Case for the Nagas — by Huthuka Sumi

Huthuka Sumi explores the implications of Amazon and Flipkart’s listing of specific garments as “traditional” Naga attire. He questions the… Read More

8 months ago

Roshni: Where the Light Won't Shine – by Muzamil Jaleel

In a continuing series, Muzamil Jaleel presents his latest opinion piece in the Acquaintance section at Inverse Journal. While discussing… Read More

9 months ago