Freedom Through Untouchability: A Letter to Kashmiris — by Murad Saleem

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Perspective: Is India’s New Policy on Media in Kashmir Vicious? — by Shahnaz Bashir

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I'm a Kashmiri. This Is What I Thought When Kanhaiya Said Kashmir Is Integral to India — by Ather Zia

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Fight for Your Right: A Young Student’s Illustrated Project on #MeToo — by Sushila Sahay

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Of Cultural Misappropriation: A Case for the Nagas — by Huthuka Sumi

Huthuka Sumi explores the implications of Amazon and Flipkart’s listing of specific garments as “traditional” Naga attire. He questions the… Read More

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Roshni: Where the Light Won't Shine – by Muzamil Jaleel

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Opinion: New Land Laws Put All of Kashmir up for Sale — by Muzamil Jaleel

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Clean Slate: New “Elected” District Councils Will End Politics in Kashmir — by Muzamil Jaleel

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The 'Not-So-Secret' Life of My Long Hair – A Personal Account by Shahid Shabeer

Shahid Shabeer shares his experience of roaming around his native Kashmir while styling long hair, a feature that over time… Read More

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That Home in Our Heart: An Allegory of a Struggle Against Forgetting in Kashmir — by Muzamil Jaleel

Muzamil Jaleel brings us a long-awaited allegorical account of August 5, 2019, the day Jammu and Kashmir was dismembered and… Read More

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