Film Commentary: On Axone — by Enatoli Sema

"The intent for writing this piece arose from a desire to note a historic event for the people from the… Read More

7 months ago

RIP: A Remix Manifesto (2008) — Directed by Brett Gaylor

Immerse yourself in the energetic, innovative and potentially illegal world of mash-up media with RiP: A Remix Manifesto. Let web… Read More

10 months ago

Out of Sight (2019) — A film by Azad Essa and Horia El Hadad

In what Kashmiri writer Mirza Waheed has interrogated as "the world's first mass blinding," here is the story of 18-year-old… Read More

11 months ago

Representations of Arabs, Muslims, and Iranians in an Era of Complex Characters and Storylines — by Evelyn Alsultany

Evelyn Alsultany examines shifts and nuances in the representations of Arabs, Muslims and Iranians in popular TV and cinema. This… Read More

11 months ago

Looking Back: Versions of the Post-Apocalypse in Contemporary North-American Cinema — by Ana Moya & Gemma López

This paper [from 2017] discusses the role of borderlands in I Am Legend (2007), The Road (2009) and The Book of Eli (2010), and the ways… Read More

11 months ago

Edward Said: The Idea of Empire (1993) — BBC Four Arena Series

In this special from BBC Four's Arena Series (first aired in 1993), Edward Said discusses his book "Culture and Imperialism"… Read More

11 months ago

Full Documentary Link: Take it in Blood (2013, Rana Ghose)

On Mother's Day, here is Rana Ghose's "Take it in Blood" (2014), a documentary that follows Kashmiri rapper MC Kash… Read More

11 months ago

Madhosh Balhami: The Poet of Perseverance (Documentary Series) — by Irfan Dar and Gowhar Farooq

On 15 March 2018, Madhosh Balhami lost his house and thirty years of written poetry to a fire in the… Read More

12 months ago

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans — Full Documentary — Directed by Jeff Gibbs

Film Description: Michael Moore presents Planet of the Humans, a documentary that dares to say what no one else will… Read More

12 months ago

Watch Online: Palestine Film Institute Streams Ghost Hunting(2017) on Palestinian Prisoners' Day

Palestinian Prisoners' Day is commemorated every April 17 to remind the world of the plight of thousands of Palestinians incarcerated… Read More

12 months ago