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Home Archaeology — by Rela Mazali

A Jewish activist woman from Israel conducts an "archaeological dig" into her immediate physical surroundings and the sites of her… Read More

2 months ago

Maqbool Bhat's 1969 Speech — Translated from Urdu by Wajahat Ahmad

On this symbolic day, we present Maqbool Bhat's 1969 speech translated from Urdu by Wajahat Ahmad. Read More

5 months ago

Jaun Elia: The Garbage Dump of History — Translated and Introduced by Muzaffar Karim

Academic and writer Muzaffar Karim translates and introduces Jaun Elia’s “The Garbage Dump of History,” a piece originally titled “Jannat… Read More

8 months ago

Reporting News and Psychology — by Amir Sultan

As a researcher in Psychology, Amir Sultan writes about relevant concepts and terms developed in his field through academic research… Read More

1 year ago

A Sketch of Rose Apples and Cats During Covid-19 Lockdown — by Saima Afreen

Under Covid-19 confinement, Saima Afreen presents a non-fiction piece written in a literary style that allows the writer to venture… Read More

1 year ago

Negative Female Portrayals in the Folktales of the Raantas, the Kikimora and the Banshee — by Aadil Hussain

Aadil Hussain problematizes the portrayal of sinister and fear-inducing female figures in traditional folktales from multiple cultures, starting with his… Read More

1 year ago

10 Must-Read Essays on Kashmir by Gautam Navlakha — curated by Majid Maqbool

Majid Maqbool curates a list of 10 must-read essays on Kashmir by Gautam Navlakha, taken from a larger body of… Read More

1 year ago

Unbounded Wounds: Memories of a Family Massacre – by Muhammad Hanief

Six months before he was born, Muhammad Hanief’s maternal grandparents and two maternal uncles were murdered by a group comprising… Read More

1 year ago

Nāad: A Call in Waiting — by Bushra Punjabi

A stranger in a strange land, Bushra Punjabi reflects on the condition of being away from home and at home… Read More

1 year ago

Letters to a Dead Father — Two and Three — by Peerzada Sheikh Muzamil

When Peerzada Sheikh Muzamil was eight years old, his father was shot by unidentified gunmen. Twelve days after the attack,… Read More

1 year ago