About Inverse Journal


Since February 2019, when we first launched Inverse Journal, we’ve reached readers in 186 countries and 1631 cities in six continents. Our primary aim is to create a space of appreciation for contemporary culture from all around the globe, staring from Kashmir, where the journal took shape and out towards the larger world. We hope to connect people from different cultures, societies and origins in the terrain of cultural production, with a special focus on contemporary art forms such as fiction, poetry, art, music and film, as well as different forms of writing, from non-fiction and academic, to critical commentaries and visual bibliographies.

As a non-commercial publication, we are inspired by Open Source communities around the world and the Creative Commons initiative to disseminate knowledge across multiple vectors of cultural engagement. We intend to keep this space running perpetually Ad-free and without any submission fees as the platform grows. We also run on an eco-friendly server located in a data center that is powered entirely by renewable energy and certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

A Note for Our Creative Commons Sources

For any of the authors, intellectual proprietors and creators who have licensed their work reproduced in this journal via any particular Creative Commons License, the form below can be filled out and sent to our editor, Amjad Majid. The form will allow you to get in touch with us and claim the right to have your work presented a certain way, perhaps including your “author photo” or “a short bio” or “a few relevant links to your blog, website, academia.edu page, professional profile, etc.” or all of the aforementioned (so that we can link back to your larger work or present your reproduced Creative Commons materials the way you wish).

Creative Commons Author Form

Please specify in the comments/suggestions/feedback text area if you would like us to use your author photo for any of Creative Commons work reproduced here. You can also provide us an updated short bio (250 words max). Photos must be 400 pixels by 400 pixels and must be emailed to editor[@]inversejournal.com. We thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world at large.

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