For Submissions — Inverse Journal

Due to an overwhelming number of submissions that have created a backlog, we have put new submissions on a pause till further notice (until we process the pending batch one by one). This is a non-commercial project and as such our resources are limited.

If you still wish to email us your submissions while we clear the batch of previously submitted materials awaiting response, listed below are the procedures to do so. We prioritize on time-bound pieces and writing that requires less editing and proofreading, and is submitted a final draft form.

This page will be updated once we open submissions again.

Inverse Journal welcomes contributors to submit their unpublished work as well as previously published work that can be circulated under any standard Creative Commons license or that has been authorized for republication (with due credit) by the original/source publication.

We accept submissions in the following categories:

  • Fiction – Short stories, experimental prose, novel excerpts
  • Poetry
  • Film – film reviews, critical papers, essays and journal articles on film theory and criticism
  • Music – album reviews, commentaries to songs, introductions to artists, essays and articles on music, academic articles and papers on music
  • Art – essays and commentaries on contemporary art, exhibition reviews, commentaries on artworks, academic and art criticism articles and papers
  • Photography – photo stories, photo essays, essays, commentaries and articles about contemporary photography (can be based on specific themes and topics)
  • Books – book reviews, book excerpts, chapter analyses, articles, essays and papers about specific books from a wide variety of fields and disciplines
  • Academia – academic papers, book chapters, journal articles in any field
  • Acquaintance – interviews, opinion pieces, think pieces, first person accounts and narratives

We do not have any particular word limit but usually submissions of original and unpublished writing tend to remain below 6000 words. We are always willing to make exceptions.

We publish in multiple languages as long as translation and transliteration in English is available within the submitted text, and submissions usually must be in British English and American English.

To submit your work to Inverse Journal, you must: 

  1. Prepare your submission with proper editing and proofreading.
  2. Send your submission in a Microsoft Word Document. If the submission includes images, they must be in JPG file format, with size proportions no bigger than 1000px by 1000px, and must be inserted into the Word Document along with any relevant caption information.
  3. Every piece published on Inverse Journal requires a "featured image" that shows up as part of the published piece when it is shared on social media. As such, we select a proper image for each piece, that is 1200 pixels x 628 pixels. If you would like to select an image of your own, you can email it to us with your submission for consideration.
  4. Email all of the above with your submission to inversejournal[at]gmail[dot]com with a short bio (one paragraph) and a summary (150 words max) of your submission.


You must inform us in your email whether the work you are submitting for consideration has been sent to other publications. We will not publish any work scheduled to be published in other places or sent and approved for publication elsewhere without prior consent and authorization by the editorial teams of other publications. We are willing to consider previously published work, with proper citation and referencing (linking back), as long as the original/source publication has given you the permission to have such work republished by Inverse Journal (with due credit to the original/source publication via proper link-back). If you publish your original work with us and then republish it somewhere else, you must seek our permission in order for us to be given due credit for publishing such work first. Failure to comply with any of these terms that may result in copyright infringement will result in Inverse Journal withdrawing such published work from our platform and suspending contributor accounts for a year (depending on the particular circumstances). You can always email us for clarifications and further instructions. 

We no longer list contributor photos on our website, since many of them send us social media links to their public profiles or links to their public blogs that we link to.

All other media that does not fit into email attachments due to space restrictions should be shared via Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive link, or any major large file transfer service.