About RIPS 2020 

UCLA invites applications for the Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) Program 2020 which is scheduled between June 22 and Aug 21, 2020.

The Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) Program provides an opportunity for talented undergraduates studying math, computer science, and related disciplines to work in teams on real-world research projects proposed by sponsors from industry or the public sector.

The student team, with support from their academic mentor and industry mentor, will research the problem and present their results, both orally and in writing, at the end of the program.


The REU program is nine weeks.

Stipend and Allowance

IPAM provides each undergraduate student with a travel allowance and a stipend of $3,500. Housing and most meals are also included.

RIPS-LA students will live in residence halls on the UCLA campus and will work at IPAM. We expect to have nine projects. The project sponsors are announced in March. Projects vary, but all involve some math, statistics, data, and computing.


International students are eligible to apply for RIPS-LA, as are graduating seniors. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the program.

If you are not a US citizen and you attend a foreign university, your application will be considered for RIPS-LA.

You must be the equivalent of an undergraduate student enrolled in a bachelors degree program; if you are not sure if you qualify, please email your resume to rips@ipam.ucla.edu in advance of the application due date.

If you are chosen to participate, UCLA will sponsor your J-1 visa.


Industry sponsors have included: The Aerospace Corporation, Air Force Research Laboratory, Alibaba, Amazon, AMD, Google, GumGum, HRL, and Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

How to apply

To apply for RIPS, follow the instructions on this page.

The RIPS program can be located in the programs list. Programs are listed alphabetically. Scroll down until you see “University of California, Los Angeles, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics.” It may be on page two of the programs list.

Make sure to check the box for Los Angeles near the end of the application.

The application deadline is February 12, 2020 at 8:59 PM (Pacific Time).


Please send your questions to rips@ipam.ucla.edu.