Inverse Journal brings together a diverse group of contributors from Kashmir and around the world. This platform is a community-based online publication with plans to publish a yearly tome in print gathering published material selected by our editorial board. In the list below, you will find information on our growing number of contributors from multiple parts of the world, coming from diverse backgrounds and from different age groups and levels of seniority within their individual trajectories.

Inverse Journal functions as a roundtable and an ahierarchical space where writers, artists, scholars, poets, filmmakers, musicians, thinkers and other creatives converge on the plane of contemporary culture. The publication is inspired and driven by Open Source community culture where multiple people from around the world congregate on a platform and contribute their ideas, writings, works and images, with various degrees of expertise and experience, and a variety of interests.

Click on the contributor photo or name to read their bio and see what they have published with Inverse Journal. Their social media, blog and website links are also included if submitted for public listing on the Inverse platform.

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Our Contributors

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